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  • Direct Trading

    no dealers

    no requotes

  • Tight FX & CFD Spreads

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FX & CFD Live Spreads

The times have changed


The New Way of Perfect Trading!

  • Price you see = price you get

    On LMAX Exchange is a multi trading facility (MTF) without dealers. This makes Forex and CFD trading neutral and transparent. With no dealer intervention - requotes are a thing of the past. The cutting-edge technology purely and simply matches clients’ best bids to the best offers.
  • Spreads are set by the market

    The Forex and CFD prices that you see on the MTF are created by traders and institutional wholesale liquidity providers placing orders on the open, anonymous order book and trading the market. So the best bid and offer prices are set by the market not by broker dealers. On top of it you can place an order in between the spread.
  • Execution in milliseconds

    The award-winning Forex and CFD trading platform enables reliable, low latency trade execution (over 90% of trades are executed in less than 10ms).
  • No hidden fees

    Forex and CFD trading via SwissDirekt is neutral and transparent. There are no hidden charges. No extra fees are built into the spread. Just as on an institutional exchange, LMAX charges a commission rate per contract depending on the instrument.
  • Mobile trading

    Clients can access the platform and all its functionality via the web trader, Smartphones, MultiCharts, MetaTrader4 (MT4) bridge and API. Whichever vehicle you choose you can be sure to get the institutional benefits of exchange trading.
  • Asset Managers

    The platform enables asset managers to manage easily multiple client accounts via the allocation tool. Unlimited sub accounts.

One step closer to more transparency!

FX and CFD are over the counter traded products, where banks and broker dealers are placing their own and client orders amongst themselves. The over the counter market as such is not visible. As a client you have to place your order through a dealer who works as an intermediary.
Thus your trade is neither anonym nor transparent because it has to pass the broker to be matched. This not only slows down the speed of execution but also exposes your order for requotes, unfortunate spreads and the famous last look. As the first FX and CFD exchange Lmax Exchange offers a multi trading facility that allows for direct dealing at institutional prices, without intermediaries. SwissDirekt introduces you to Lmax MTF, a neutral marketplace where buyers and sellers place their orders. Trading is fast, neutral, transparent and anonym.